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Ethiopia / GUJI G1

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Region: Guji, Oromia, Ethiopia

Producer: Gizaw Alemayehu

Farm: Dekitu Station

Process: Natural

Grade 1

Altitude: 1950-2200m

Varietal: Heirloom

Tasting notes: Rose, Blueberry Jam, Cocoa, Fig

Dekitu Station is in the Oromia region of Guji, one of the most prominent coffee production areas of Ethiopia. This Grade 1 coffee was grown and managed by Gizaw Alemayehu and his family. The Alemayhehu family have been in the coffee business for almost 50 years. 

Gizaws father was working in coffee production when the Socialist government at the time took possession of his company. He then moved into coffee exports and rebuilt his business from the ground up, literally. 

This is a Grade 1 natural process coffee, so, it’s a beauty. The cherries are sun-dried with the fruit still attached, soaking in all the sugars in the process. They’re then washed & pulped and the skin is removed ready to dry again.

We love this coffee cos’ the flavour profile is really unique. Any time we can get our hands on a Grade 1 Guji, we’re always stoked.

Roasted for filter.

Size: 250g
Grind: Filter

Pickup available at 4 Dulmison Avenue

Usually ready in 24 hours

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Size: 250g
Grind: Filter

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