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Indonesia / Gayo

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Indonesia GAYO

Region: Atu Lintang, Gayo Highlands 

Producer: Voster

Farm: Galla Farm

Process: Black Honey

Grade 1

Varietal: P88

Altitude: 1400-1600m

Tasting notes: Cacao Nibs, Caramel, Tropical fruits

Galla Integrated Farm is about 5 hectares owned and operated by a producer who goes by the name, Voster. Voster is passionate about holistic development and education around all things farming. Part of his vision is to contribute to the economic growth and strength of the Aceh region through farming and high quality coffee production.

This coffee is a Black Honey process, which is where the beans are dried out with some of the fruit still attached. This involves attention to detail, as the fermentation process can be risky business, but the results are pretty unique. Black Honey coffees usually have quite a heavy body and mouthfeel, and tend to have bolder fruity notes. 

We love this coffee cos’ it’s from a small farm doing big things!

Size: 250g
Grind: Filter

Pickup available at 4 Dulmison Avenue

Usually ready in 24 hours

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Size: 250g
Grind: Filter

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