Your coffee game just got a whole lot stronger.

Supplying cafes with premium quality coffee, equipment and training

When you run a cafe, you’re managing a lot of spinning plates (quite literally).

Before 10am, you’re thinking about your customers, your staff, managing your social media, and spending an embarrassing amount of time wondering “Did I actually press send on that milk order?”

The last thing you need to worry about is finding the right coffee roaster to partner with.

Enter, Glee Coffee Roasters

Your friendly neighbourhood coffee BFF

W H Y  W O R K  W I T H  U S ?

•   Working with us means you’ve got a partner in your business journey - not just a *really* cool coffee roaster to boast about at parties

•   We have run multiple cafes in our time and we know what it takes to succeed (and you better believe we will help you do it!)

•   We upskill and train all your baristas to make coffee like pros

•   We are trusted by over 100 boutique cafes and small businesses in Australia.

•   We have award winning coffees, cafe experience out the wazoo and are serious about the businesses we partner with.

•   We can do one-handed pushups (unrelated but very impressive)


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Have coffee with one of our wholesale team

Whether face to face or online, let’s share a cup of joe and chat about your business.

Get set up and start brewing!

If we are a good fit, we get you setup with everything you need to start pouring Glee Coffee in your cafe

We wholeheartedly believe in our product and we’d love for you to try us out.

Try Glee for Free - 1 week worth of coffee delivered for you to try in your cafe. No pressure. No obligations. 

Don’t just take our word for it…

Check out what other cool cafe owners have to say about us

Lauren, Common Circus NSW

"I loved their aesthetic and culture. It was important to me that they were enthusiastic about coffee, but also about people and the joy a coffee experience should bring. Their values and morals matched mine…Glee Coffee has made what could have a very stressful part of the business seem like we always have someone constantly there to help, answer questions and are always ‘on call’. They have our back - that’s for sure."

georgia, The Boy & The Rose, NSW

"We fell in love with what Glee is all about - coffee & people. The personable and genuine approach that Glee have with all of their customers was something we really admire and aspire to."

Jack, Wildflower Espresso NSW

"As a business that is centred around the idea that people really matter; it was important to us that we worked with a company like Glee who also placed a high value on ‘people’. Their specialty coffee is ethically sourced, roasted with love and delivered by friends. We’ve used Glee Coffee since we first opened our cafe and since then, they have honestly supported us in so many ways; our cafe set-up, help with equipment, fine tuning our staff training and answering every single SOS call we’ve made! We are just so stoked to have the Glee fam as such a big part of our business!"

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Our promise to you

Get treated like one of the family

Partnering with us means you’re not only getting incredible coffee every week. Holy smokes, you’ll be getting incredible coffee. You’re also getting a cheer squad for your business (a very caffeinated one)

Customise and automate your orders

You can easily automate or change your weekly coffee order on the run using our online system. Or, if you like to chat with a real human, you can call us anytime. 

Get free ongoing training for your baristas

Upskill your baristas with our complimentary, hands on training so know your customers are getting an incredible coffee - every day. 

Access world class coffees and equipment

Get the best coffee and equipment in the industry so you stand out in the crowd. We will never supply you with coffee we don’t personally get excited about. Geeked out happy dances come with the service (free of charge, of course)