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Hario Skerton PRO Coffee Grinder

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Experience the upgraded precision of the Hario Skerton PRO Coffee Grinder. The Skerton has long been a world favourite, and now it’s even better, with improved burr stability and better ground uniformity, a simpler grind setting wheel, and a stronger handle, it’s Hario’s answers to calls for more precision and professionalism in a hand grinder.

The Skerton PRO’s big upgrade is the new burr construction. The same beloved conical ceramic burrs have stayed, but a new burr shaft and lower spring keep them perfectly aligned while grinding. This reduces burr wobble and results in more consistent, uniform grounds that ultimately brew better coffee—especially with coarser settings.

The grind adjustment ring has moved to below the burrs, enabling faster and easier access, and allowing you to brew for any filter coffee method.

Don’t fret about this device wearing down anytime soon. The 100g capacity glass ground catcher is made from Hario’s own famous durable glass, the solid cast handle is sturdier than before, and an improved non-slip base ensures the grinder doesn’t move around the counter while grinding.

This is the upgrade to our favourite manual hand grinder we’ve all been waiting for.

Hario Skerton PRO Coffee Grinder Features

An Upgraded Classic — A newer, better version of the world-beloved Hario Skerton that suits the needs of modern, more precise coffee lovers.

Improved Burr Stability — Conical ceramic burrs have greater stability from a refined grind shaft and lower spring, producing more uniform and consistent grounds.

Stepped Grind Settings — Lower-mounted adjuster allows you to switch settings, from french press to Moka pot, in settings.

100g Capacity — Can hold even more ground coffee if you use a Ball mason jar.

Better No-Slip Base — Improved stability on the counter while grinding.

Strengthened Handle — Solid cast handle is sturdier than before.

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